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Make Your Small Home Inviting

Downsizing or buying a small first home may make you feel squeezed, but follow these tips, and you’ll soon appreciate what a treasure your petite new home is.

Go for quality. A smaller home in a sought-after neighborhood that’s closer to the jobs, schools, and amenities you need is better than a long commute for a more spacious home. Instead, choose fine furniture and accessories that make a statement about who you are.

Minimize clutter. Nothing makes a space feel cramped like overcrowding. If you’re sidestepping furniture, sports equipment or clothes on the floor, it’s time to declutter.

Be clever. Decorating a small space can be a lot of fun if you think in terms of furniture doing double duty. Ottomans can triple up as a footrest, coffee table or extra seating. Nesting tables can provide extra tabletop space when needed and store compactly.

Let the light in. Bright spaces look larger than dark spaces. Light cheerful colors on walls and in your décor can expand any room. Reduce the need for bulky lamps and tables by installing sconces and recessed lighting.

The trick is having what you want but recognizing that there’s no need for extras or excess.


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