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How to Look at Homes

Discovering the right home should be an exciting event for you, and we are committed to making your home search as stress-free, efficient and effective as possible.


These tips will be beneficial to you in your home search:

  • Identifying up-front what is affordable will safe time and frustration in the home finding process. It is important to consider the financing options available and begin the mortgage pre-approval process as soon as possible.

  • From the thousands of properties currently on the market, we will select those that most closely meet your unique needs and interests. It is best to preview only a few homes at a time. 

  • We will set you up in our automated HomeFinder system which scans the RMLS database on your behalf and emails complete listing information directly to you. 

  • We will schedule time to look at homes and neighborhoods. We will arrange showing appointments with the sellers or their brokers. 

  • If the seller or their real estate professional is at the property when we are there, it would be best to limit your conversation with them. 

  • You can use the Home Finding Worksheet to evaluate each property. 

  • In order to help us find the right home for you, we will ask you to tell us your thoughts about each property you see... the positives and negatives. We will continue to assess your needs and buying criteria as we move through the process. 

It's your move...

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