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Agency Relationship

When real estate professionals work with buyers and sellers, "agency" relationships are established. As you start working with us, you will receive a clear explanation of the current agency laws, so that you understand these.


Buyer's agent

Represents the buyer during the home buying process. The buyer's real estate professional (agent) has a fiduciary responsibility to represent the buyer's best interests, including reasonable care, loyalty and confidentiality. 

Seller's agent

Represents the interests of the seller and has a fiduciary responsibility of reasonable care, loyalty, confidentiality and disclosure to the seller. A seller's real estate professional (agent) works to assist the seller in locating a buyer and in negotiating a transaction suitable to the seller's specific needs.

Disclosed limited agent

Represents the interests of both the buyer and the seller, during the same transaction. A dual agent has responsibilities to both buyer and seller and must act in the best interests of both parties. This can be done only with written permission of both clients. 


Download the full version of the Oregon Real Estate Initial Agency Disclosure Pamphlet (OAR 863-015-0215)

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