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Moving with Pets

Moving can be as challenging for your pets as for the rest of the family, but preparation and patience can help your dog, rabbit, bird or cat adjust more easily to its new home.

Tell your veterinarian. Update your pet’s medical records and microchip data with your new address, but if you’re moving out of the area, ask your vet to forward this information to your new veterinarian.

Manage stress. Think about your pet’s stress levels as well as your own, as they can be alarmed by changes in routine. A squawking parrot, nosy cat or clingy puppy can lead to frayed nerves and possible accidents if they’re underfoot. The best solution is to board your pet for moving day.

Include pets on outings to the new home. Before move-in, take your dog along for a nice sniff around the property, possibly during the inspection or final walk-through. It will help accustom the pet to the new home a little more quickly.

Take time to play. Remember to cuddle, play and talk to them as usual. Let your cat jump in empty boxes, toss the ball for your dog, and bring your bird to a perch in the room you’re packing.


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